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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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NANNA Cat Rehoming Policies 

At NANNA we have many cats looking for new 'forever' homes and our policies are quite straight forward.
  1. We only re home kittens in pairs
  2. We will do home visits and proof of identity will be required
  3. We ask for a minimum donation of £70 per cat/kitten (neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, worm and flea treated 4 weeks inurance)
  4. All our cats are neutered before 
  5. They are micro-chipped
  6. We do not rehome kittens were there are children 5 or under

The cats come first and foremost and if they are not settling in they must come back to NANNA.


This part of the page is designed to make you think, if it has put you off rehoming then perhaps it has done what it is designed for, if you are still keen and eager to go ahead then perhaps you can offer the home our little friends need.

If you think what is on here is daft, unnecessary or indeed you are quiet upset about it then perhaps you should go away and rethink the commitment you are prepared to give to a already vulnerable, unwanted pet.


Things to consider before rehoming a rescue cat ……..
Some, not all, rescued cats come with baggage, our ages are not known nor what our previous life was like.

Our previous owners may have told NANNA everything about us, but they may have told NANNA only what they thought NANNA needed to know. Most common is how old they think we should be for NANNA to take us in! NANNA takes in all ages but not all rescue places do.

We are healthy as much as NANNA can tell however sometimes we get sick after leaving NANNA and then we discover this problem has been there before but because we have shown no signs of it NANNA did not know. If they did they would have had us sorted out at the vet’s before leaving to go home with you.

Please do not blame NANNA for trying to help they can only go on what they have been told! Are you prepared to take on the unknown?

Another thing to consider is, are you going to start a family at any time or are you hankering for a life in another country?

It may not be today, next year or even ten years down the line, but if this is in the pipeline or just a dream, consider what you are going to do with the cat/s when that dream comes true.

What if your relationship breaks down, your animals should be taken into consideration! If you are not prepared to find a rented accommodation where animals are allowed should you be looking for an animal, you would not get rid of the kids!

Age is another consideration, cats live to a ripe old age and there is nothing sadder than an older cat needing to come into us because their owners have gone into care or have die. Some of this is out of our hands, but if thought goes into the age of the cat in the first place, it may reduce the amount of golden oldies coming into rescue.

Everyone should make provisions for their pets as you would your family, they are family after all. The difference is they can not choose what happens to them it is usually left to people who do not love them as much as you!

All NANNA cats are neutered before leaving, we are not check for FIV/FELV, we come with 4 weeks free insurance and we strongly recommended you continue this cover.
Before letting your cat out you must have them microchipped, we will do this free of charge for you, but you must bring them to us.
STILL WANT TO ADOPT THEN LOOK WHO IS STAYING AT NANNA Cats looking for new fur-ever homes

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