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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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Cat page sponsored by: If you would like to sponsor this page please ring 07921 215049

On this page you will see some of the beautiful cats looking for their new purr-fect fur-ever homes 
 You will see single cats, pairs and even trio's, that is how they have come into NANNA's, so please don't ask us to split them up because we won't, it's not fair. These cats have already lost everything they have known in their lifetime, please don't let them loose each other.
If you can offer one, two or three of these babies a home please contact us on 07921215049 or email us on

You can also see all our cat on facebook if you follow this link 
Remember we ask for a minimum donation of £70 per cat and we don't do deals, our vet neuters them for one price, the micro-chip is one price, vaccination is one price too, so when they do two cats it is twice the price and we don't have any national organisations backing us.............. You can get cheaper, we can't! Our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and have been treated for fleas and worms. 

We are open to the public 11 - 3 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. You are more than welcome to come and see our cats
We are CLOSED to the public on Monday and Friday

Some of the beautiful cats in our care

Two beautiful cats looking for a family to call their own.
Crystal and Baxter are looking for a quiet home but they would be ok around older children, but not young ones.

Two very cute cats
Ming and Poppy are looking for an older family to call their own.

Triple fun!
Nel, Del and Peaches are looking for a new home together, ready made family for someone very lucky!

Two happy little cats
Ginge and Blackie are looking for a home to curl up in.

Rocky is 15 years young and really needs a home



Ying and Yang  (RESERVED)



Happy trio

Gucci, Rosie and Billy are looking for a purr-fect family where they can just chill out!



Purr-fect trio

Biskit, Bowie and Phoebe are another lovely trio looking for a family of humans, who are looking for a family of cats



Beautiful brother and sister pair.

Two amazing black cats

Poppy and Billy are beautiful cats and they are looking for a beautiful home to curl up in.




Two very shy cats


Anna and Jenna are very shy, quiet cats and they are looking for a quiet home, to chill out in.



Two cats who need a little time to trust.


Phoebe and Millie are two very shy but sweet cats who just need time to adjust and then they will be all over you.





Freddie and Frank



Dopey and Smokey

Yaramas and Minic





Thank you for looking at our cats on this page, we try to be as honest as possible when writing up but sometimes we are mislead, which makes things hard for us to understand.


If you have found any that you may be interested in, please come and see them, remember though, we will do a home visit and we will also try to guide you to the right one/ones for you and your family.

Hope to see you soon...................................... 

and please keep looking, you never know the next one on the page could have your name on it!