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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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Cat page sponsored by: If you would like to sponsor this page please ring 07921 215049

On this page you will see some of the beautiful cats looking for their new purr-fect fur-ever homes 
 You will see single cats, pairs and even trio's, that is how they have come into NANNA's, so please don't ask us to split them up because we won't, it's not fair. These cats have already lost everything they have known in their lifetime, please don't let them loose each other.
If you can offer one, two or three of these babies a home please contact us on 01933 650372 or 07921215049 or email us on

You can also see all our cat on facebook if you follow this link 
Remember we ask for a minimum donation of £70 per cat and we don't do deals, our vet neuters them for one price, the micro-chip is one price, vaccination is one price too, so when they do two cats it is twice the price and we don't have any national organisations backing us.............. You can get cheaper, we can't! Our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and have been treated for fleas and worms. 

We are open to the public 11 - 3 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. You are more than welcome to come and see our cats
We are CLOSED to the public on Monday and Friday

Some of the beautiful cats in our care

Archie has come into rescue at 5 years old because his owner has gone into a care home.
He has a HUGE amount of catti-tude and will swipe out if you try to encourage him to do something he does not want to do.
This lad needs a home where he can do his own thing!
Would you like a cat with catti-tude offering him a home for life?

Please pop down but we are open 11-3 but we are closed all day on Monday and Friday, or ring us on 07921215049 or you can send us an email to





Toby is a very sad little man, who has been so badly treated. He looks in double figure and the vet was shocked to discover he is only 2-3years old. Came in because owner no longer wanted him, he has been living out doors because he was poorly!
He has been on antibiotics and being given lots of good quality food and he has responded well.
There was nothing wrong with this little cat, that a good ...
meal and lots of TLC couldn't put right.
He is looking for a home where he can live indoors, never have to want for food again or vet treatment if he needs it. In return he will love you and cuddle up with you and watch whatever you want on TV!
He is on the road to recovery, he just needs someone to help him continue on the right road to love.

Poppy and Billy

Moshi and Baby









Sooty and Sweep

Our longest resident cats


Owners moving because of work and didn't take them with them! Another sad story for two very sweet cats, aged 7 years old, no way did they deserve to be left behind but they were, so now they need to find someone who will love them both because they are very close and really need to stay together. They have lost their home, their family and their cuddles, they don't want to now loose each other. 

So if you can offer a sofa or chair, with a lap or two, please consider offering it to those two!

So if you would like to have these two very sweet cats, please pop down to the shelter, we are open between 11-3 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, plus Saturday and Sunday or ring us on 07921 215049 for more information.

Sheldon Sparkle and Sonny owner has gone where they can not follow!

Sadly these babies lost their  owner and the family could not keep them because their dogs don't do cats! So they came into NANNA for us to find them a new home, ideally together.
They are only 2-3 years old and they would love a home with a family, so they could have a lap each or at least a sofa between them!
They are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and all are ready with their bags packed to come home to the lucky new family that they have chosen to be their slaves, just waiting for that family to show an interest though.

Are you ready for a paw invasion? Then please, if you would like to have these little cats become part of your family,  please pop down to the shelter, we are open between 11-3 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, plus Saturday and Sunday or ring us on 07921 215049 for more information.

  Button and Molly

Buttons and Molly born 2004 and 2002
They are a very sweet pair of cats who would love the comfort of a home again.
They are very clean in the pen and will eat all types of food, they just need your lap to curl up on!


Crunchie and Horror have been with NANNA since they were born at NANNA June 2014 and sadly they have been over looked. They are very shy and just need time to settle into sweet cats. 

 These two little boys need to be given a chance of a home, where they can run free, something they  have not had since they were born! Can you offer Crunchie and Horror a home?

Please pop down and meet these guys they are lovely. We are open 11-3 but we are closed all day on Monday and Friday, or ring us on 07921215049

Milly and Monty


Milly and Monty are both middle age and are looking for a new family because their owner had to leave the family home very quickly! They are a very close pair of cats, Milly is a very "round" cat who likes her tummy rubbed and Monty is a leg-rub, head butt cat.
Quiet home to chill out in would be really nice for this purr-fect pair



Sammy, Freddie and Simba



Sammi, Freddie and Simba are a lovely sweet trio of cats who have come into NANNA because their family became homeless and had nowhere to take the cats. They are a bonded trio, so we are looking for a ready made family who are looking for a ready made family of cats!
They play nicely together, very clean and will eat most types of food.
Sammi is 7 years old and Simba and Freddie are 4 years old.


Croggie and Sox RESERVED



Socks and Croggie and a funny pair of cats who just love each others company, they came in with Molly and Buttons and are very happy together.
They are middle age and still like to play and would love a family with older children.
A lap, sofa and a bed to curl up on would be purr-fect for these two very sweet babies

  Tammy, Arthur and Simba 



Tammy, Arthur and Simba are looking for a home together after their owner stopped paying for their cattery fees, when they were between moves.
Three very sweet cats, Tammy is 7 years old and the boys are 5 years old....... Arthur suffers with a flea allergy but with proper flea control treatment he is fine.
Have you got three laps in your family, where this trio can curl up on?


Thank you for looking at our cats on this page, we try to be as honest as possible when writing up but sometimes we are mislead, which makes things hard for us to understand.


If you have found any that you may be interested in, please come and see them, remember though, we will do a home visit and we will also try to guide you to the right one/ones for you and your family.

Hope to see you soon...................................... 

and please keep looking, you never know the next one on the page could have your name on it!