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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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Tina and Milly enjoying a day at the beach


This page is for our canine friends:

NANNA has helped hundreds of dogs over the years, starting of with just one dog kennel but doing home from home for many more dogs! We have gone from one dog kennel to 20 official kennels and 2 unofficial kennels, plus we intend to "borrow" a cat pen when they have one free in the Cat Area, which is not very often!


We have always tried to give the dogs everything they need, but we cannot give them all they deserve, due to lack of homes, time and the fact they are in kennels....... waiting for their new homes! We do however take them on "pack" walks every Tuesday, at 6pm, and Saturday at 4pm and we would love you to come along and get involved if you have a couple of hours spare!


We have also taken ALL the dogs in our care (29 at the time) to the seaside, during September 2015 and hope to make this happen at least a couple of times a year!


This picture captured the moment Kenny and Robyn both realised just how special this day was!


Meet the volunteers who work with and love the dogs



Jane with Rosie

Jane has been with NANNA two years now and absolutely loves working with the dogs, whilst she has no favourite she does have a special bond with Rosie. Jane bought Rosie her beautiful collar for Christmas 2014 and cuddled her whilst opening her other presents in her stocking!



Vic with Rosie


Vic has been with NANNA a few months and has been a brick, nothing is too much and he even caught the bus in from Corby three days a week to help. The dogs love him and you can hear him chuckling as Woody does his party tricks!




Marie with Jerry


Marie has been with NANNA a few months and she meets and greets the public and walks them around the dog area at the weekend, allowing the others to continue with the cleaning and feeding, which is a huge task. Marie is also part of our walking group!!


Katie with Ronnie


Katie has been with NANNA a few years now and has grown in confidence and knowledge, to the point she became NANNA's youngest Trustee at the ripe old age of 18!



 Jade with her fur-babies


In Jade's words: My love for animals started from birth, growing up surrounded by dogs, birds and small furries. Due to my parents both working I spent most of my time with my grandparents, helping my granddad rescuing  small wildlife and birds, feed, clean and nurture them back to good health and set them back out where we picked them up.

Before moving to the UK to be with my partner I volunteered for a petting zoo taking care of all its animals (Farm animals and small furries). So from a young age I grew up with, worked with and cared for Different animals varying from Different Breeds of dogs, (Pets and working dogs  E.G guard dogs), Different breeds of Cats, Birds and Rodents, Wildlife and farm animals (Needless to say I always wanted to be a vet but missed my calling due to circumstances)

As my partner is disabled and me being his full time carer, I work from home but felt I was missing something..  That something was me not working with animals (my passion) so decided to look for a rescue that would appreciate my help and found NANNA. I work two mornings a week in the dog area and love every minute I spend with the dogs, unfortunately it’s never long enough and wished I could do more.

I love all the dogs, all are different in needs and character and wished I could take them home (Well some of them anyway) but already have 4 dogs of my own. Sometimes I cry when dogs arrive as some arrive in such a poorly state, but I also let out a tear when they leave out of happiness of them finding a new home.

Being at NANNA is a win, win situation for me as it doesn’t just benefit the animals NANNA’s has in their care, or the rescue centre, but it also benefits me. Everyone at NANNA’s is as passionate about animals as I am, and everyone I met is nice.  The animals are number one priority but it’s good to know that there is always someone there that is willing to help (when help or advise concerning the animals is needed) , or just listen to you moan when having a bad day, as we don’t just care about the animals we support each other as well.

So you would like a dog........................................


If you would like to rehome a dog from NANNA, then please bear in mind that on average it costs NANNA over £250 per dog to come through our doors, so we have to ask for a minimum donation of £180 to help towards these costs.


We arrange a home visit and you actually have 48 hours with the dog to help with your decision. All paperwork and donation are sorted during the home visit (we bring the dog with us), if it all works out we leave the dog with you, if, for any reason, the dog has to come back, as long as it is within the 48 hours, we will refund your money.


We offer rescue back-up for the rest of the dogs life, but if it is because of behavioural issues, we do expect you to have tried to resolve this before just handing the dog back. We will have to ask you to give us time to find space because we run full and cannot just produce a spare kennel, so you may need to  keep on of the dog for a while longer!


NO pound dog or any dog that we don't have full history on, will be place in a home where there are children under the age of 10 years. This is protecting your children and our dogs


Our policies are in place to protect the dog AND you, so please try to understand.


All our dogs are: neutered, vaccinated, worm and flea treated and micro-chipped. They come with 4 weeks insurance, discount vouchers and full support from our specialist dog team including a special offer from Alistair Bray of Lone Wolf Behavioural Obedience .


Comet and Bonsai at the seaside

They came into rescue on the

 17th August 2011 

They found their new home December 2015!

Ripe old age of 13 but still full of fun!





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