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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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NANNA has many dogs looking for homes, they have been assessed and will only be rehomed to homes NANNA feel confident is the right for them, please understand that our priority is with the dogs!
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Our policies are simple

We do not rehome pound dogs to families with children under 10, because we  don't have a full history on that dog

We do home visits

We do 48 hour trial, giving you and the dog a chance to see if it is the right home/dog!

We do ask for a minimum donation of £180 for ALL our dogs (Neutered,vaccinated, micro-chipped, 4 weeks insurance, flea & worm treated and rescue back up for life of the dog)

Dogs in pairs will stay together, we will not part them.


All our dogs are neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, treated for fleas and worms, insured for 4 weeks and have full back-up from NANNA for the rest of their lives. 

All our dogs can be seen between 11 and 3
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
Please note: We are closed all day, to public, on Monday and Friday
For more information you can ring us on 07921 215049 
Rehoming donation is a minimum of £180, you may give more if you wish

Jake and Millie
Two fun loving "naughty" terrorist oops, I mean terriers! 6 years old and they are a mini pack in what they do, so no cats or small furry critters around these two and perhaps better that they go to older children too. Although we have had no issues with them, they are FULL of energy and they would benefit from an energetic family, lots of walks (they walk well on lead but can be a little vocal at the start of the walk), all in all, they would be a handful but a lovely handful!

Jim a lovely Deerhound x Lurcher, he is only a young dog, but he is dog reactive if they come into his space, he is also very food driven. Jim will need a home where his new family has Lurcher experience, he cannot be let of lead, he will not come back, we have fun capturing him in an enclosed area, so out in open field............ no chance!
Jim is a pound dog, so he cannot go with children under 10, but we feel he may be better with teenagers.
Jim would need to be a single pet as he has very strong prey instincts.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier x who is a handsome 10 year old dog, or so his chip states but we all think he is only half the age, so he still has lots of love and life to give to his new family.
He is ok around most dogs but if they react, he will react too, he loves his walks and he definitely loves his cuddles and one on one time.
Bruno would be great as a family dog with children over 10 years old (pound dog) and he would be an absolute dream of dog.

A beautiful American Bull Dog x Staffordshire Bull Terrier, stunning girl who needs more training. She was a puppy from NANNA and rehomed but sadly her owner has been taken very poorly, so she could not keep her any longer, so Amber came back to us. She LOVES her toys, walking she pulls but she is eager to please so training could be still done as she is only 2/3 years old.
A beautiful dog who loves everyone, she is big and bouncy so perhaps best with older "robust" children, so she doesn't knock them over as she comes into the room!

Tank really needs you to neeeeeed him!
10 years old, with cancer who just needs somewhere and someone special to care for him.
Tank was brought into rescue covered in lump (tumours) because he started to fight with the other dogs in the house. This happens when the alpha dog is ill, the others will fight for that place, and Tank is ill.
We will be starting his treatment, but there is no cure, so this guy just needs a home for his palliative care, NANNA will cover his treatment and all he needs at our vets.
Have you got room in your heart to help a poorly dog in rescue?

Remus is a three year old who came in to our rescue, unneutered, unvaccinated, underweight and not microchipped, he is also untrained!
Remus is a big dog but he needs to "bulk" out now, he has a big head and very skinny body, but that body is powerful. He is reactive to some dogs, he hates cats and small furries, although he has lived with small children in the past, we feel he may be better in an adult family or a family with teenagers. He is NOT aggressive, just untrained.
This guy is going to be a challenge, but he will be very loyal once you have come to an agreement on where the boundaries are!
Experienced home in Mastiffs would be fantastic, but in the right home these dogs can be BFGs, he just needs training.



 Not seen a dog on here you like? Then please pop down to the shelter, your new baby could just be there waiting for you!
We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 11 till 3.
Lola came into NANNA because she was placed with young children and she is actually quite frightened of them, she is not doing well in kennels as she gets quite stresses around the other dogs. She needs an adult family, with experience in bull breeds, she is not aggressive, she will growl but as soon as she realises you are not going to hurt her, she is a gentle loving dog.
Just needs a loving, understanding home and family, where she can snuggle up to you for the night.............. lovely, sweet dog, with lots to give.

Solo a fantastic Staffy x, he loves everyone and everyone loves him. He can be selective around dogs, but ANY human will do for this beautiful dog.
He walks well and loves his walks, he tries so hard to please whoever is working with him.
This guy will need an active family, where he will be a HUGE part of the activities. Solo has a very sweet personality, but sadly can only go where children are 10 or over because Solo is from the pound!
Fantastic dog and very loyal to his handler.

 Cooper and Roxy
 7 year old brother and sister
These two definitely have their moments but most of the time they are very good together.
They love their walks and Cooper loves to bark about it, but once the walk starts he does calm down and he is quieter. They are not brilliant around other dogs, small furries (inc: cats), would be better with older children or grandchildren.
Two very happy, and sometimes naughty dogs, who really deserve a new home soon.

Sonny and Benji
These two dogs are definitely "grumpy" old dogs, but they have good reason for their grumpiness.
Benji and Sonny came into rescue in a terrible state, Sonny had to undergo a HUGE operation to remove a hernia from his back leg, it had been there for sometime and giving him a lot of pain, so he didn't want to walk. He couldn't walk far because his claws were digging into his pads, again causing pain. These have all been sorted now and he is beginning to enjoy his walks again.
Benji is partially sighted and has a habit of trying to nip, when he get spooked, so sometimes he will have a go at his best mate Sonny and sometime you may get a nip or two.
These beautiful dogs are well into double figures and they just need somewhere to lay in front of a warm fire, in their own basket, they really do deserve a lot of TLC and "me" time.
Can you offer a special home for two very special dogs? 

What a stunning lad Milo is!
Milo needs to have more training but he is a beautiful dog, very strong so walking on a halti.
Milo needs a home and stability in his life, he is a fun loving, bundle of muscle and loves to give you kisses and cuddles, but all the time on the look-out for how he can be naughty!
He has been around children but not lived with them, he has lived with a cat, he only came in to rescue because his owner became homeless and was sofa surfing.
Lovely big 3 year old boy, perhaps best with older children, just because of his size and bounce!

Bella and Kobe





Thank you for looking at our dogs, don't see one you like? Then please pop down to the shelter, we may just have taken in a new one that would be perfect for your family!
07921 215049 is the number to call between 10am and 10pm for more information on any of the above dogs!