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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption
Registered Charity No. 1115238


Have you got a spare £3 a month?

Why not use it to help us to help the animals in our care.

ONLY £3.00

 01933 650372

Standing Order Mandate.doc 

Our account details are on it and you can give as much or as little as you wish.

Every penny helps

 Help us to raise funds as you shop online! 

• Bedding/pillow cases/sheets/towels

• Cat toys/dog toys/rattles
• Edible treats/cat nip
• Cardboard or plastic tubes for play/hiding places

Make a cat happy

Go on you can't resist this face
Can you?
 We need your money, to help us continue to help them.
You can donate by standing order
Send a cheque to our postal address
145, Addington Road Irthlingborough Northants NN9 5UP
If £1 was donated every time someone read this page
we would cover our food bill each month! 
You can support us without paying out by reading the following and following the link, it is really simple!
Now you can raise money for NANNA every time you search the web. is a great new search engine. It works just like other major search engines but it also generates cash for charity. It doesn’t cost you or us a penny, so it is a great way to help NANNA every day.

Make your homepage and raise money for NANNA whenever you search the web.

We neeeeeeeed your donations
NANNA can not survive without donations
and these babies really do enjoy the
 'good life'
Please set up a standing order if only for a £1
Thank you for caring


NANNA most asked questions & Answers
How much is your food bill a month?
£1200+ per month
How much is your vet bills?
£800 - £1300 per month
How much cat litter do you use?
40 – 60 30L bags £250 p/m
How much is your electricity bill?
£110 per month approx (for the reptiles)
How big is your wage bill?
ZERO - No-one is paid
Why do you do it?
We give up our weekends to raise funds for them, everyday we look after them; we cry for them, we get angry for them, why do we do it? Because we love them and they deserve better.
Do you need any help?
Yes, we need people to help raise funds or even to give monthly a donation, we need people to knit blankets for us, we need help to check the animals new forever homes, we need people to help build new pens, electricians, plumber to help with putting in taps down the garden, we need you.

How do we pay for all of this?
By giving up nearly every weekend to do fund-raising, it’s the only way.

During 2006 NANNA has been hit with cat flu’, feline enteritis and some kittens have come in with cornavirus. We have had myxomatoisis with the rabbits and now we inoculate against the disease, we have been hit with distemper in the ferret pens and to top everything off in 2006 we got hit with ringworm. All of this has cost the charity a lot of money.

We have had to inoculate the animals against some of these diseases and replace pens and cages, runs etc to stop the spread of them. Some of us have personally contracted ringworm, salmonella and one of us have been so badly bitten that we have lost the use of one of our fingers!



Last year we had so many kittens to feed and look after it was frightening!


Our food bill doubles whilst kitten season is here and we go through so much bedding.


So if you can not help money wise please consider bedding!



Thank you for your support!

So why should you donate to NANNA?
NANNA does not have a wage bill, no fat cats just needy ones!
We are a small independant charity with five trustees and a hand full of other volunteers.
We all love the animals we have in our care, even those who keep us up all night, poop on the bed, start singing for their food from 2am,the ones that bite us and the ones who break our hearts when they just give up!
So do we deserve your money?
We don't but the animals do and they are the ones who need it.
To Donate:
You can send a cheque to:
145, Addington Road
Cheques need to be made payable to NANNA.
If you can not give money then what about clean blankets. Toys, food (not dry), and anything else that you think might come in handy.
What about volunteering to come and help?
Look on our volunteer page to see how else you could help!




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