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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

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Exotics and NANNA

A little bit of advise before going exotic

When starting out in exotics you will soon realise, to do it right is going to cost a lot money. Vivarium, heating, lighting and other specialist needs soon amount but the actual cost of the reptile is not expensive in comparison.

So don't get the pet until you have the correct equipment and don't waste your money on getting small to increase later! You can partition the housing and introduce more space as they grow. Remember some will grow to a very large size and these are the ones that are harder to find homes for if it all goes wrong!

Exotics can make wonderful pets and I have grown to love them and gained experience as they have come through our doors but I would strongly recommend you check out the list below before taking on an exotic - too many are ending up in rescue centres due to lack knowledge and understanding of their needs. NANNA can usually find help with most animals but can you?

  1. Have you read everything there is to read about the species? It is no good taking on an animal just because it looks cute or different or just to look good or to 'complete' the family! You take them on for life which means you study their needs and if can give them every thing they need and then some, go for it!
  2. Do you know someone who can help you if there is a problem? Find an expert, a true expert, not just someone who think they now! It is important with any animal that you have back up if you need it and you will need it.
  3. Have you found a vet who can help with your new pet? Not all vets are experienced in exotic and it is important that you get the right vet for the right animal, so phone around and find a vet, it is no good looking when the animals is already poorly! I remember a tortoise coming into NANNA aged 36 years, when I took it to the vet because we could not get it to eat or drink, I said to the vet that it was 36 years old, he replied it take them thirty years to die!
  4. How much are they going to cost? Food, insurance, all the equipment and electicity for heating and Uv lamps should be included when pricing up the cost and not just the cost of the animal. Exotic are very expensive to look after properly, check your figures and check again!
  5. Exotic Vet There are a few good ones but you may have to travel and it is no good seeking one out after you have a problem. Find your vet and get your pet registered so if they are not experience in that species you have time to find one who is.
  6. When you go on holiday who is going to look after them? This is another consideration because the person you ask will need to understand their special needs and know what to do if there is a power cut or signs of illness.
  7. How big are they going to grow? You need to buy the biggest and best with all the right equipment, just making do is not good enough, they have to live in it ALL their life and they deserve the very best!
  8. Websites are good for general information, however they can also be misleading or confusing. One person saying one thing another saying something completely different. If in doubt - check it out! You have a life in your hands - don't lose it.

At NANNA's we have animals come through our doors that have been dumped - outside in cardboard boxes and somehow they survive the experience. Exotics may not!