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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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Friends of NANNA
Have you got just a couple of hours a month where you could help with fund-raising? Have you a hobby and would like to donate things to our charity? Have you got time to nip around picking up items being donated to us? Have you got time to make up tombola's? If your answer is YES then we need your help!

Friends of NANNA is a group of people who love to help but with limited in time unable to commit to helping out weekly, so they pick up food from the supermarkets, or help for two hours at a collection, giving the person who is there for the day a much need toilet break!
At NANNA we are lucky to have so many wonderful volunteers but we need more and this group helps to fill in the spaces where we are short. It is a new group with just 10 people, but 10 people giving 2 hours a month is 20 hours! 


Most of these people work during the week so they can only commit to weekends or evenings and it costs nothing to be a friend, just a little time as and when you can give it.


If you are interested in being a friend to NANNA please email us!



Friends of NANNA:

So what sort of thing could a friend do?
Fund-raising; Just arrange to come along to help out for an hour or two whilst the person who is there for the day can have a toilet break or something to eat! Believe me standing or sitting outside of a shop for the day is very tiring and worst thing is having the dogs and needing a tiddle and no-one to hold the dogs for you!
Food; popping into shops to pick up food that has been donated to us and dropping it off to us. At the moment we only have two places because we cannot get around to anymore and free food is brilliant for the charity because our food bill is £300 - £400 a WEEK!



Money boxes; popping into the shops and emptying the money boxes, counting it on site and giving a receipt then banking that money or dropping it in to NANNA. We don't have many money boxes out and about because we don't have time to go around emptying them!



Bedding; Many people especial the elderly have bedding for us or bric-a-brac and they can't get it to us, the sad thing is, we need this bedding, but we have not got enough hours in a day/week/month, to go and get it, so we lose out and then people think we don't need it when we do!



Tombola or raffle prizes; we need people to collect and clean and prepare raffles and tombolas for us, this can be done at home and brought over to us as a when it is complete. 100 item tombola creates £166 on average and we have lots of bits and bobs to help. Once friends and neighbours know you collect items for NANNA's they will start to drop them off to you.
Fete's, Fairs & Carnivals
If you local school, village or church is have a fete, then perhaps you could have a stall for us? We are asked to many schools and village fete's during the summer and run up to Christmas but we don't have enough volunteers to cover all of them, so this would be a great help if you could cover your area for us!

Helping at the centre
This usually takes more commitment then a couple of hours every now and then due to Health and Safety and training but their are little jobs around the place that would be able to be done within a couple of hours a month.


Bedding; sorting out the bedding room and keeping an eye on what we are running short of. We have just received 300 unusable electric blankets, but we have made use of them by insulating the cat pens with them.
Food; Keeping an eye on the dates of food we have at NANNA and keeping the food store in a condition that we know where the food is and newest food is placed to the back. Sounds easy and should be done as it arrives, but that is in a world where everything has a place and is automatically put there, but in reality the food arrives and just dumped in the bags, boxes etc until we get time later!!!!!
Gardeners;  we have a wildlife area and we need the pond and garden area weeded and kept generally tidy. The pond is only up to your ankles, because it is for wildlife to drink from or bathe in.

or our garden of remembrance




Groomers; we have dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, equine and goats that need grooming, can you help with that?
Sometimes we have a huge job on, building a cat house or new paddock area to be fenced, dog kennels to be built or an animal comes in injured and will not be able to be released so we need to get a pen built quickly. Well we need a team of people to help with this, it may only be once every six months or it could be a couple of times in a month, but could you help with this?
Here we have used old cots to make the run!
These are just some of the ways you can help by being a friend of NANNA. Please help if you can, one person giving 2 hours a month is two hours but twenty people giving two hours is a whole 40 hours a weeks worth of hours in a month we can get so much done TOGETHER. 

 Here is what some of the volunteers have to say
I work with the animals at NANNA weekly. 
TTouch works to improve the posture, co-ordination and confidence of animals without fear or force. As many animals come into rescue with very little known history and with behavioural and/or physical problems, it is a real privilege to help them overcome their issues and improve their perception of human beings!
It is very gratifying to build trust with a frightened or reactive animal, although the best days are when I go in to find that 'difficult cases' have found a loving forever home. NANNA rescues many types of animals, so no two days are the same and it is fascinating to find out about different species. Volunteering has given me a brilliant learning opportunity with some wonderful animals. 

Sarah Reichle:Because 1) your like a second family:) & 2) it gives me something to look forward to in the week & 3) its just amazing:)

Hollyy 'malings Britnell:becooooooouse you get to loook after animals you never normally would + you make new friendss

 Allison painting the goats boot
Allison Groom
Gives a great sense of belonging and a huge feeling of well being, great opportunity to meet new people and mostly help all the animals that were unloved, unwanted and abandoned!
 Hollie and Diddy sharing a special moment
 Hollie Warner Its great fun, you get to work with so many animals, you meet amazing people (excluding carla;)) and lastly, it had to be the best animal charity out there so its fantastic to be part of it!
Carla Alderman Thanks Hagrid love you to NOT  
Hollie Warnerxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  

Carla AldermanYea yea suck up, now I think POND is defo on list for you  

Hollie Warner NO. I SHALL RUN. I will join the geese clan, and they'll protect me! LOL joke they'd eat me