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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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Guinea Pigs and their needs:
Of course we all have our own ways of looking after our animals and as long as they are well cared for, plenty of clean bedding, fresh water and the right food there's not a lot more you can give them! But is there?

Well, what about companioship?
Companionship is something ALL animals deserve, yes there are some animals that prefer to live on their own but most like to have someone to cuddle up to when the days are long and the nights are cold.
At NANNA's we do not agree with guinea pigs and rabbits living together unless each species has it's own companion and the guinea pigs have plenty of places to get away from the rabbits.
Rabbits can bully guinea pigs and they can give a fatal kick too, so why not play safe and keep your rabbits in one run and your guineas in another one?
This is very important as they are going to be living with you for many years, some people believe they only live 2-3 years! Well they don't live 2-3 years they could live for 8 years if well looked after.
So you need to see just what kind of living quarters you can give your little friends. They like space and tunnels to run in and out of and they like to have area's where they can climb, not mountains, just little humps!
This also helps to keep their claws down, a couple of rocks from a rockery with a little soil will mimic their natural habitat. They love to graze on grass, but care should be taken not to let them eat wet grass as this may upset their tummies!
The hutch should be lifted off the floor to prevent dampness and should be kept away from draughts. Guinea pigs can tolerate cold weather, better than hot weather so care must be taken during the summer not to allow them to get over heated.
If you are going to put your guinea pig out in a run please ensure it has a secure lid to it. They move fast but a cat can move faster! Also care should be taken that they cannot eat your plants as many are poisonous to them, including all flowers that grow from a bulb is dangerous
Feeding your little guinea pigs
They love vegetables and fruit, which should be washed before feeding to your little cavy friends. They can not produce Vitamin C so this most be given to them without Vitamin C your little friend will die!
Treats can be given but remember they have small tummies but very large eyes and they do intend to keep eating until they get tummy ache, so care should be given on how much you feed them.
Spinach can be given as a treat or reward and so can celery. Lettuce has very little food value so small amounts can be given. Hay must be given on a daily basis to allow the digestive system to work properly and an odd dog biscuit or toasted wholemeal bread is a lovely way to say thanks for being so sweeet!

Some of NANNA's new outdoor guinea pig facilities!
They are all popped away at night in their hutches safely in their sheds!