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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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We at NANNA thought it would be nice for you to have a special place for you to place a photograph and a little write up about your pet who has gone on to chase the butterflies in the sky!
This page was inspired when we recieve a wondeful donation from a couple who have just had the heart-break of letting go. So we thought we would dedicate the page to Olly and hopefully it will help to share our wonderful experiences and times you had with your pet.

Our friend Olly
On 28th March 2008 after nearly 15 years together our wonderful cat Olly tragically passed away. Olly and his brother Cracker came to us as 8 week old kittens. We adopted them from a rescue centre after they were found dumped in a bag. Despite this terrible start to life, Olly and Cracker quickly became our loving friends who made us an instant family. Olly was such a gentle soul and is missed so much by all of us. None of us will ever forget him and will love him for the rest of our lives. Julia and Jamie Ford-Cordes.

I (Petrina) had a wonderful Newfoundland called JP.
When she died so tragically I wrote this in her memory

'Just Perfect'

My name was JP
Which stood for Just Perfect
I came with a huge fee
But then I was worth it

I was a bundle of black
With brown eyes so pure
I'm not coming back
For there is no cure

The hurt is raw
The pain so sharp
For those who saw
It broke their heart

I'm bouncing and pestering and full of glee
For I'm in doggy heaven now, you see
My name was Just Perfect
But they called me JP

Just Perfect was killed on the A6 aged just 14 months.
If you would like to place a photograph and a short write up then email it to and we will pop it on for you.

Tribute to dUSTY


To my darling old man. Colonel Lightfoot, dUSTYbin, His Royal Cuteness, Mr Bigglesworth and the Haminator we sometimes called you. I miss you so much, life isn't the same without you here. I wish I could hear you chatting to me like you used to. I miss you biting my nose in the middle of the night, and getting under my feet everytime I go into the kitchen. You loved your chicken treats so much and it was an honour and a pleasure to feed them to you by hand. I miss your little chirrups and 'browns' - they used to make me smile so much. I miss your soft fur, and that glorious smell that radiated from you - we used to say it was the scent of pure goodness. I miss your beautiful eyes, the special one was your trademark - as was your painter's splodge on your back and the grey heart on the back of your leg.

Watch over me dUSTY because one day in the future we will meet again - and I will give you a chin tickle once more.
All my love,
Mummy xxxxx

Only with us a short time but loved and cuddled by everyone

Sadly Hippy lost her battle and fell to sleep in her basket. RIP little one xx

Our gentle giant Tiny RIP big fellow
Always a special place in our hearts for you
Now chasing butterflies x


‘My Sweet Pea’

Mr Plod, Plob Plob, Plobolobulous, Sweet Pea and Pumpkin Pie,

these were some of the silly names I used to call you by,

With only one good eye and a back leg missing,

no wonder sometimes, you couldn’t help hissing.

You were a proper lap cat, who just loved Mum’s fuss

you were very special indeed, our ‘special needs’ puss

When listening to my silly talk, you had no choice but to chatter.

when mimicking my sounds; your communication was such sweet clatter.

Whenever I sat down you would soon appear,

Looking up and tapping my leg, as if to say ‘Im here’.

Every morning you would lie upon our bed

we drank tea and you had milk instead

You would venture into the garden, on those rare sunny days

to lie upon the grass, gently sleeping and soaking the suns rays

You had not a bad bone in your body; you were my precious little boy,

A truly loving lap cat, so gentle, like a soft cuddly toy.

Saying goodbye to you Mr Plod, was truly very hard to do

you have left a big hole in my heart and I am lost without you.

Mr Plod went to heaven on 27th September 2010

One day we will meet again………..

RIP special boy xx

From the day we first met at NANNA'S that day,
you ruled the roost in your own little way,
you'd sit on the T.V like the king of the day ,
I'd say Elliott - will you move your tail out the way ?

When we took Doris in you threw your toys out the pram,
we called you Victor Meldrew- a grumpy old man ,
now she sat on the T.V for the first time today ,
I said- Doris if you must sit there can i just say,
What's the chances of keeping your tail out the way ?

So Elliott now i should say 'chase the butterflies away'
but i won't, Victor, as i know what the look would say,
instead you'll find a T.V and lie happy forever more and a day
but i wish it was me telling you to keep your tail out the way !

Goodnight and God bless my gorgeous little friend ,
I wish our story never came to this end