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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

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So you want kittens!
First ask yourself.
1. Is your home Kitten Proof
Answer: NO.
No home is kitten proof, if you are house proud, they will break your heart, along with the ornaments and anything else they decide to play with.

2. How many should I have?
Answer: Two at least.
Kittens need companionship and they love to snuggle up together when they are frightened. Oh, yes, they also like to chase each other up the curtains!

3. Can I afford them?
Answer: Only you know!
Kittens are for life, some live over 20 years and can cost you quite a lot during those years and not just for food & litter.

4. Can I cope with accidents?
Answer: Can you?
Kittens can break ornaments, miss the litter tray sometimes they forget where it is. They climb curtains, spill their milk and are generally naughty. Do you want this in your life?

5. Do they need to be vaccinated?
Answer: Yes.
Kittens must have their vaccinations at 9 weeks and 12 weeks of age and it is especially important for rescued kittens to be covered as they may not have had the best start in life.

6. What if they become ill?
Answer: Take them to the vets.
Kittens are prone to a lot of viruses and the first 48 hour in their new home is when they are most at risk. If they start sneezing, coughing, eyes running, diarrhoea or just off colour, ring NANNA or take them to the vets. It may be stress or it may be something more serious, don’t ignore it kittens can die in a very short space of time.

7. What about insurance do I need it?
Answer: Yes
As your kittens grow they may develop a problem in later life so make sure your insurance covers them for the life of the cat and not just for one year.
A broken leg can cost over £300 just to find out if it is broken!

8. I have young children should I get kittens?
Answer: No not really, especially if they are five or under.
Kittens can not jump they climb and they don’t know the difference between chair legs and children’s legs so they will climb up using all sets of claws. Your child may strike out and as already pointed out to find a broken bone will cost you a lot of money. It is not the child’s fault, nor the fault of the kitten it is yours for not heeding the warning!  A child could be damaged for life with the fear of an over playful kitten biting and scratching. Is it worth it?

Please remember they also need their teeth cleaning, they also like to be groomed, they love to play, have cuddles and of course ALL of this is on their terms.

Kittens own you and will only do what they want. The more you pick them up the more they refuse to come to you. You will never train them they only allow you to think you have!

They have to be neutered at 6 months old.
Please do not allow your kittens out before they are neutered. One night of unprotected sex can create a lot of pregnant queens. You also run the risk of diseases being picked up. All NANNA’s kittens must be neutered by the time they are six month old.

Do not allow your cat to become pregnant it could kill her!
One of the main killers of cats is leukaemia. This and feline aids is past on during intercourse and it will kill her and possible her kittens. It is not worth the risk and there are already so many unwanted kittens in this country, why add to the problem?
Kittens and Corona-virus (Click here to read more) Please remember we are not breeders and these animals come in with this virus we do not give it to them!
70% of cats in the world carry this virus, it is stress related, but corona-virus in its self does not kill, but it can turn to FIP which is a killer, just like fleas, worms, enteritis, Fiv, Felv and cat flu' just to mention some of the illness that could kill your kitten.
Make sure your kitten is wormed and flea'd by the vet, NANNA will do this before they leave us but they will need to be done again so check with your vet. By reducing your kittens stress you will reduce the risk of FIP, cat flu', so no going on holiday and putting them into a cattery, or moving just after you get them and remember they suffer stress when you do. You can check for Fiv & FelV if you wish, but coronavirus is in 70% of cats in the world so the chances are your kitten will have some form of the virus, until a prevention is found all you can do is reduce the kitten/cats stress and give them the best life possible, the majority go on to live and purrfectly normal life and you would never know they had anything wrong.

So you still want a kitten?
At NANNA we only allow our kittens to go in pairs (this is for companionship and to help reduce stress) and here is how you will get a pair from us.

Home Visits
We need to see where our kittens are going to and what kind of environment they are coming into.
This will be done after you have chosen your kittens.

Always have this number close by 01933 650372 you never know when you may need it.
What else do you need to understand?
They need to be allowed to settle in quietly, do not keep picking them up. Place their litter tray where they can find it and don’t keep moving it! At night place them somewhere safe and secure and please make sure the toilet seat is down! Tumble dryers, washing machines and dishwashers need to be kept closed and always double check them before switching them on!!!!!!!!!!!

They are too young to find their way home and the big wide world is very dangerous for young kittens.

Make sure they are neutered and microchipped before letting them out.

Remember cats always bring you home presents and they are not always the kind you like, but you must praise them for their kindness

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