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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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Rabbits looking for new forever homes
NANNA sadly, has so many rabbits looking for new hutches and runs so many rabbit come into us that are no longer wanted.
Please think long and hard before taking on a rabbit, they can live up to 15 years!

At NANNA, we work hard to make all animals feel welcome and safe. We try very hard not to turn an animal away but when money is tight and pens are full it is very hard to know when to draw the line.
Most of our many rabbits are in two tier hutches with runs attached to them and we only rehome in pairs, unless you already have a rabbit who is looking for a life long friend!
We ask for a minimum donation of £75 per pair, all males are neutered and some females are also done, all are vaccinated and some are micro-chipped. All come with insurance (4 weeks free) and they are all flea and worm treated.


So who is up for new forever homes and runs?

A1 Stevie and Nancy are in A1 and waiting for you to come and see them

A2 is Raymond and Storm  and they are bonded and ready to join their new family

A3 is Em and Ebony

B2 is Billy and Lucy


B5 Rosemary and Thyme

B5 is Bumsie and Reggie


C1 Sonny and Cher

C2 is Soda and Pepsi

C3 Jingle and Belle
Jingle came with 3 of his brothers two days before Christmas 2013 from a pet shop, because they were "albino's" and being overlooked! Belle came to NANNA because she gave her owner an allergy!
They have a lovely relationship but Belle does like to keep us on our toes by keeping escaping, but she hoops back into her run and snuggles up to Jingle and looks as if she has been there all the time!
Why not pop out to see them between 11-3 but not on a Monday or Friday because we are closed! 01933 650372 or 07921 215049 for more information

C4 Crumble and Custard

C5 Wispa and Mars


Pancake and Jenny


E1 Onyx, Pearl and Sapphire

E2 Puffball and Dylan

E3 Pathos and Harriet 

F6 Sooty and Sweep

F7  Max and Betty

L3 Alan and Ellie

L5 Ernie and  Erica

R1 Danilion, Buttercup and Daisy



R4 Raggles and Snowball

R5 Zuri, Pepper and Spice

R6 Penelope and Keith