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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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The Degu


They do need to be researched before taking these funny little mite, as they are diabetics and care is needed in what you feed them on.

If you like giving treats they these are not the pet for you.

They will and do chew anything and everything that can be chewed so you must be prepared to replace their toys all the time, by giving them plenty of toys in one go seems to be the best solution.

Like most rodents it is best NOT to keep them on wire-flooring as they do suffer with bumble foot which is very painful, however they will chew through plastic! We have wire-floored cages but we place ceramic tiles on the flor which can be easlily removed and cleaned and this also helps them to cool down especially during the summer months.

Please don't come with the hope that a small cage will be sufficient for these creatures because it will not be, they like all rodent need space to climb and jump about and they need handling and freedom to play safely.

Please research these or any animal you may be thinking of offering a home to you will be questioned!





 Chewy, Sunny and Silver



Patch and Smudge



Tensou, Mike, Ike and Carebear



Baloo, Bagheera and Louie


is the number to call if you think you can offer any of the animals on this page a home.


Omega and Rocky
Chilli and Sumomom
NANNA has so many animals each year though our doors.
Before you buy think about adopting!




Yes even Hamsters come into NANNA looking for a new start in life.
Little Millie

Please do your research and work out, which little rodent best suits your home before adopting, they have feeling too and do get stressed with change!