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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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NANNA has grown from strength to strength and we find ourselves looking for more and more volunteers.


We need Home Visitors, Fund-raiser, Mucker outers, Dog Walkers, Admin Staff, the list is endless and we need you asap.


We also need a builder, DIYers, Sparkies, chippies etc.




Come and join the fun with the NANNA's barmy army!

Photograph by'


And enjoy a special moment


or two!




We can't be all that bad at NANNA's when one of our volunteers wrote the following!



Jema Ryall wrote

I was clearing out my room and found this that i wrote for NANNA haha xx

From kittens and cats,
To gerbils and rats,
To rabbits and squirrels and parrots and dogs,
To guinea pigs, ferrets, tortoises and hogs,
The horses, the sheep, the goats and the donkey,
The wild birds, the ducks, the geese and the turkeys,
NANNA is a rescue centre that cares for them all:
The ugly, the pretty, the big and the small.

Cats like to nap as you may well know,
Towels and blankets, cushions and throws,
Excluding clothes, these are things we could use,
To give the cats somewhere comfy to snooze.

Scratching posts are vital to smooth down cat claws,
Toys are a necessity of which we need more,
For our bunny friends with cotton tails and long ears,
We require more rabbit hutches complete with two tiers.

Unwanted toys and books in good condition,
Old toys and teddies would make a good donation,
We use them as prizes to raise cash for a good cause:
To feed all the animals who come through our doors.

Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing and Adoption,
Leaving them cold, bored and hungry is just not an option.

Aged about 16







Because all our  animals are very special animals, we need to see where we they are going to live!



You need to be trained in what to ask, what to look for. All we ask is that you check it out and report back, we will do the rest.


You will be asked to contact us on Monday to see if any have been rehomed in your area, you then organise to do the home visit and report back to us we will then sort the rest.


Please remember home visits are VERY important and need to be carried out quickly (like yesterday)! So only take this on if you can do them quickly, it is important to get the animals in their new forever home asap.




We need to get a fund-raising committee together and need your help with this. The following jobs will be needed to be filled:


Ground Force Team

We need a team of people to help set up at our event and help to dismantle at the end.



We need someone who will take on the task of advertising our events, doing posters and getting them out there for people to see.




We need people to be at the events helping to raise funds, working with the animals at these events. We need people to do collections for us outside shops etc.



We need people to organise the events, find venues, book us into places and generally do the organising before the events happen.




We need help at weekends with rehoming, but the animals also need cleaning out before we open to the public.


We need foster mums or dads to help look after hand-reared animals.





It helps to be mad!

It helps to love as unconditionally as they do!

Holly and Diddy enjoying a very special moment



 Dog Walkers


Since we moved down to Higglety Pigglety Farm we have been so very lucky, thanks to a fantastic group of people from Barclaycard, who built us a 65' x 45' agility area for the dog to run free and have fun.

It is difficult to take the dogs off site because we are right on the A6, so by having this area, the dog walkers can take them in and have "FUN" with the dogs and some training can be done too.


We have 20 kennels in total and we have no intentions of getting more, because we want to be able to give the dogs we have quality time out, not just 10 minutes, but it's not always that simple though! 

Every Tuesday Night at 6pm and Saturday afternoon at 5pm (summer) or 3pm (winter) we walk all our dogs off site together, giving them all at least an hour or two out of their kennels and time on a one to one with their handler

If you would like to get involved in this please ring us on 07921 215049


Bedding collections 

  People to collect bedding from your local area! 

It's that simple! 



We need people who enjoy DIY to help Michael to build new pens, runs and many other projects Petrina can come up with!

Michael needs help!


CHPPIES, SPARKIES & PLUMBERS are always needed for little odd jobs, not all the time, just occasionally! Nothing too big but we have not got the resources to be able to pay for them. So if you can give your time free then please ring us we really need your help.



We need volunteers to experience the many forms of pooh!


Yes we need hands on help to clean out the many pens, hutches and rooms here at NANNA's.

Cat area with all their Christmas presents ready to be given! 


To help groom, feed and play with the animals. It is not all fun as some of these animals have issues and will strike out or bite if given the chance.


We have students doing work experience here and many continue as volunteers after their placements are over

Keren and Pancake having a cuddle

Can you help?



We need volunteers to help us with these animals!




These animals are wanted!


10 till 10