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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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NANNA Christmas Stocking
This is our new wildlife pond

NANNA has been lucky during 2010, not only have we moved but we have been able to build our wildlife garden quicker than we expected, thanks to some of the staff at BarclaycardCapital Reporting, Credit Risk Office. Above is a photo of the wildlife area they planted and although, thanks to the pigs, we have had to reline the pond you can see how great it is looking!
It is a special sight to see the ducks take off from one pond at the bottom of the field (three ponds actually) and drop into the one at the top of the field. Very special moments to be treasured and shared so why not pop along to see just how it is all developing?

Nanna always has hoglets through the door Winter, Spring Summer and Autumn.

In early spring we get ready to release them last year we helped so many orphans that we lost count yet alone sleep as we were up all hours feeding them. Look after yur little visitors and please don't use slug pellets! You could be killing more wildlife than slugs!
NANNA will take in what we can but we would strongly advise that if the animal is wildlife and injured that you contact the experts in this field:
01844 292292
St Tiggywinkles has a 24 hour emergency service
They are the best in the field of wildlife.
NANNA's latest addition is a fawn called Rocky
Rocky was involved in a traffic accident and he was severly injured so we had to take him away from his mother because he needed veterinary treatment.
After having an x-ray on his legs we soon realised he was in need of an operation to remove the head of the femur, which would then allow the leg to heal.
If Rocky was to go through this procedure it would mean he would not be released back to the wild. The reason for this is because he would every year fight for the right to mate! Although his leg would be ok, it may not put up with the constant hammering it would be put through, so he could end up out in the wild in severe pain.
We then had to ask ourselves if it is right to confine a wild animal? We decided that because Rocky is such a young fawn he should adapt to his new life quite well, so on speaking to Les Stocker at St Tiggywinkles, we decided to go ahead and if the little man got through the operation we would move mountains to do what was best for him.
If you would like to help us with Rocky's on going costs then please send a cheque to NANNA, I think he is going to end up costing us a lot of money and if you have an eight foot fence you no longer want we could do with it to help keep in safe.
Sadly Rocky did not survive long after the operation, but we tried and that is all we can do RIP Rocky xx
Honeysuckle and Sweet William are two new squirrels living at NANNA's
They came to us just two days after Squidgey passed away, but they were too small to go out to her pen so they are living inside at the moment and during the winter months we will build them a new pen that will be dedicated to Squidgeys memory and come the spring they will be release into it.
Why do they have to be kept in captivity? It is illegal to release them as they are classed as vermin!!
This little face is anything but vermin!!

Squidgey passed away 05/09/07
Squidgey was hand reared over 7 years ago and lived at NANNA's in Irthlingborough in her very own detached property which had a very large extension attached to it.
Every time Squidgey escaped we increased the size of her pen, but you only had to call her name and she came home and went back to her bed.
Oh what a blessed life we have had to have had her in it! My funny little nosey friend - RIP

One of the many little hoglets that came to NANNA because Mum had been run over
This little doe came into NANNA when she was about three weeks old.
Custard was sucessfully released back to her warren.
If you want expert advice then your best place to ring is
St.Tiggywinkle Wildlife Hospital
01844 292292
Probably the best in the country if not the world!


NANNA never knows from one day to the next what is coming through our doors.

Just a few days old and this little fox was taken in by someone and hand reared. He came to us when hewas a few weeks old and will stay with us because he is too tame for release.

Please look out for your garden visitor the Hedgehog.

Every year NANNA takes in these little characters and take them through the winter and realise them early spring (weather permitting).

If you see a hedgehog out during the day, something may be wrong, take out some fresh water and a little cat/dog food (not fish flavoured).

Make a home for it by placing a cardboard box over it, but make sure one of the sides is cut out so it can move away if it wishes.

Try and see if it has obvious injuries or if it has, what looks like small grains of rice on it, these are fly eggs and will soon turn into maggots so PLEASE ring us to arange the little mite to come in. In the meantime

Then phone us on 01933 650372 and we can arrange for it to come to us for care.

This nest was disturb during building work, all three were released back after rehabilitation.

Every year we seem to increase on the numbers of wildlife we take in, but sometimes they don't need to come into us!

Please before picking up a wild animal ask yourself:

  • Is it in distress?
  • Is it injured?
  • Is it's mother watching you?
  • Should I really pick it up?

Did you know that ducklings can live without their mother, but they can't survive without their siblings?

A duckling on it's own very rarely survives when it has been picked up and taken away from it's siblings and unless you can see mother is dead you would be best to leave well alone.

Sounds cruel? Maybe but mum is usually watching you and once you have picked up the duckling she's gone.

This little fella is Jack Crow, now living in an avairy because he is too humanised to be released!

Did you know that some fledglings leave their nest before they have learnt to fly and their mother tell them to wait where they are on the lawn, side of the road or in a park until they return with some food?

Unlike some human children, the birds do as they are told, but sadly when mum gets back the fledgling has gone! Where? To NANNA's or another rescue centre!

Even wild rabbits are welcome at NANNA's, we try and release them back to where they have come from unless they are injured to such a degree that it would be wrong to do so.

Some welfare places will tell you to leave them where they are, it is nature and their mum is out there somewhere!

Whether this is right or wrong is for you to judge, all we ask is for you to make sure that the animal is in danger, before picking it up and removing it from where it is. If in doubt ring us we will guide you to look for signs or ring St. Tiggywinkle 01844 292292. It costs nothing to ask and it could save a life.

Declan the duckling came to NANNA because Mummy and siblings left him behind, so all fingers crossed!

Hang on a minute where did all those feathers come from?

Where's my cushion that cost me £30?

A feather duster would do just as well!