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Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption (NANNA)

Reg. Charity No. 1115238 Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue, Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue

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About NANNA 
NANNA was set up in 2004 and after setting up we kept being asked if there was any need for another animal charity?
Since NANNA started we have helped over 10,000 animals, sadly the answer to that question is yes.
We have a fantastic team of volunteers who all have two things in common, the welfare of the animals in our care and to make sure they either find new forever homes or they stay with us until they do.

NANNA's Patron 

Alistair Bray 
Alistair has been a behaviourist for over 15 years and has helped many of 
NANNA dogs so they can find new forever home!


 Carla, with the help of the students and all the volunteers, looks after, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and practically any animal that happens to come through the doors, her greatest love is horses and she has three of her own!  She is NANNA's Deputy Hon. Secretary and helps at some of the fundraising events when she can. Carla has had ME since she  was thirteen and has found helping with the animals has helped her to cope with her disabilities and she feels she is giving something back, her passion are equine and dogs but she get her hands dirty with all the animals on site.
Michael just goes where he is needed, he has built all the new animal pens, and loves to do fundraising for the charity. He is trained in micro-chipping and is our home visitor, his title, apart from Gofar, is Hon. Chairman. This is a picture of Michael in is everyday outfit!!!!!!!!
Michael is committed to NANNA and also Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue which he started on his own because he soon realised that there were many pet farm animals that needed the same love and care as domestic pets., this is where Michaels passion is, the farm animals especially the pigs!
NANNA is really lucky to have someone like Michael who gives up every spare moment of his time to the animals and charity, he is brilliant with the students and even though he has a full time job he always finds time to help at NANNA, wherever he is needed. He's a pretty good husband and Dad too! 

Hi, I am Petrina and I help Carla, my daughter, to look after the animals and being disabled myself I find it hard to do too much, however, I do the web sites, paperwork, help to organise fund raising event and take care of most of the many hand-reared animals that come through the door. I try to get sponsorship and I give Michael, my husband, his orders for the week!  I love all species of animals and have just began to handle ferrets which I have always had a fear of, my passion is wildlife and Guinea pigs and I adore rabbits too but I am allergic to them!
I am the Hon. Secretary

Meet some of the Trustees behind NANNA

Julie has been a part of the NANNA family for a few years now and always there when needed. Her passion is poultry and she has worked tirelessly to get the new poultry area up and running. Julie also has a great understanding of all the needs of NANNA animals, volunteers and the Charity too, from fund-raising, pick-ups, home visit taxi service and of course taxi service for vet runs!


Marian with Milly who she adopted from NANNA 


Marian came to NANNA a few years ago too, to help with the dogs, but very rarely gets to, actually work within the area! Whilst on site she is heavily involved in the poultry too. Marian runs and organises ALL our dog shows, this is a HUGE undertaking and anyone who has been to them, knows just how hard Marian works on them to get them perfect. Marian is also a big part of our fund-raising team, face book and pick-up and dropping off all over the County!


Katie with Shadow


Katie is our youngest Trustee and her passion is horses and her aim is to try and raise enough funds (£24K approx.) to build a stable block for them! Katie is a home visitor as well as helping on all areas at NANNA, her and her Mum are also fund-raisers and run the NANNA cakery at our fund-raising event.


Joy with Scampie who she adopted from NANNA


Not a very good picture but this is Joy who also came to work with the dogs but has ended up doing our garden and running our shop at our fund-raising event.





Some of the Fund-raising committee enjoying the meeting!


Sue and Rita


A cheque being presented to us



Katie, Lyn and Julie sleeping in a kennel





Three cheers for the unsung hero's who help at NANNA's week in and week out they deserve a huge pat on the back, without them a lot of animals would not be alive today.


Julie and Carla trying to clear the floods during 2013/14

Sometimes it is best just to laugh

What does NANNA do for the community?
We take in students from local school through Connextions
We support local fetes, carnivals and other local events
We train students from Moulton College
We visit schools, brownies and guides, scouts and cubs
We take animals into care homes
We help wherever we can

We also help families, who have lost loved ones by helping to find new homes for the pets who have been left behind and no-one in the family can take in.

We help when a child or member of the family has become ill and the animals cannot stay with the family
 just in case they carry something that may harm that person

We help when people separate, they have to sort the children out ,but we are there for the pets that get left behind.

We help when people who have to give up their homes by taking in their pets when they cannot take them or afford them any more.

We are even there for little kittens who hitch a lift on a lorry from abroad!

Little Manuel-Ronaldo Corby 
How do we pay for all of this?

But you can help too by donating
from pennies to pounds it all goes to the animals in our care

Whatever we do it is for the animals!
Sometimes we would like to say what we think, sometimes we do!
But most of the time we just take in the animal.
After all it is not their fault!

Not one of us receives any wages for what we do.
There are no 'fat cats' running NANNA.
We just have needy animals!

The NANNA Trustees are here to help animals, by giving up our time, homes and quite often our money to help NANNA to survive. NANNA does not just state we don't put a healthy animal down, we go further by stating we don't put a treatable animal down.
If you would like to get involved please check our volunteers page.
All you need is a love for animals, 
A heart of gold, time to spare, oh and it help to be mad too!

Since NANNA start in 2004, thousands of animals have come into our care and the majority has gone onto new forever homes with a fresh chance of happiness. Some, sadly, were too poorly for us to help other than to give them the best we could whilst they were with us. NANNA actually has at the moment, cats, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, rats and guinea pigs all looking for new homes. We also have many animals that are not going to find homes easily, including 20 old cats and some animals needing lifetime medication.

All our kittens are rehomed in pairs only and they are neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. This will hopefully reduce the amount of young cat falling pregnant before the owners can afford to get them done! We neuter all our dogs, cats and ferrets as well as all the male rabbits and guinea pigs, at the moment we do not neuter all the female rabbits, but we do suggest to all the new owners to consider getting them done ASAP

We do everything in our power not to knowingly rehomed sick animals or misguide new owner as to age and ‘personality’ of their new pets, nor do we shut our doors on these animals at anytime. We try hard to find the right home for the right animal.
NANNA will not put to sleep one animal to make room for another, we only euthanize an animal when advised by our vet to do so.
We take in ugly ones, (if there is such a thing?) old ones, injured ones, naughty ones and poorly ones not just the ones we know we can rehome quick, there are plenty of other places that do that, we are here for all! 

NANNA always have albino ferrets looking for homes

Every year we get Christmas cards from some of the animals we have rehomed over the last nine years.
It is always lovely to hear from the animals we have rehomed, okay not the animals themselves but their new staff!
Pictures are put on the wall and it is fun to look at now and then and see how much better they are looking, although we look after them well, they always look better settled.
 Armani and his sister Chanel came into NANNA at 14 weeks old.
NANNA would like to thank everyone who has been involved with us.
Day after day we stride to improve, sometimes it is frustratingly slow but in the end it is worth the wait.

Please if you are looking for a pet why not come and see what we have to offer? 

 Helping all animals who need helping!
Making a difference!
We are always updating
this site!
Please call again